About us

In 2004 Tesco Diets became the first diet website of its kind in the UK. With our knowledge and experience we have helped thousands of people each year to lose weight and improve their health for life. Tesco Diets is a website with a difference because we provide the best range of personalised healthy diet plans, individual fitness plans and immediate expert support and motivation. Our policy is to provide our members with the tools and support to learn the skills and gain the confidence they need to lose weight healthily and keep it off for life.

What's different about Tesco Diets?

We know dieting is different for everyone so our programme is designed to easily adapt to members changing lifestyles and individual dietary preferences. Don't like fish? No problem. Need a vegetarian plan? Easy. We are committed to helping members lose weight healthily in a way that fits with their lifestyles so they can keep the weight off for life.


Joining is easy; simply complete a quick registration process where we ask a few dietary, lifestyle and medical questions. We then create a personalised, healthy weekly diet plan tailored to calorie allowance and preferences. We also offer the opportunity to get a personalised fitness programme which creates a bespoke weekly fitness plan reflective of fitness levels, goals and lifestyle.

Who we help

We help all adults over the age of 18 except for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or those who have medical conditions affected by diet. We have a team of nutritionists available to answer any dietary questions by phone, instant chat and email but we do advise any members with medical conditions to contact their doctor for advice before starting our programme.

How we help – The best range of diet plans

We offer the most extensive range of personalised, nutritionally designed diet plans. For those who prefer not to follow a personalised diet plan we also offer the Totals Plan – which encourages members to eat the foods they love while staying within an allocated, nutritionally balanced Totals amount. Because our members tell us they love variety – we make it easy for members to switch diet plans at any time for free.

By following a calorie controlled plan, filled with delicious, varied recipes or more convenient meals, members learn new healthy cooking methods and a new appreciation for portion control. As all meals are designed by a live nutrition team – they are nutritionally balanced to ensure a healthy weight loss without feeling hungry.

How we help – Expert support and motivation

We know that dieting is different for everyone and that successful weight loss is not just about the diet plan, but the support and encouragement available. We offer unparalleled live support from qualified nutritionists, trained mentors, fitness experts and experienced members.

Never alone

The team are available for advice and support by phone, email and live chat from 8.00a.m. to 5.30p.m Monday to Friday to support you. Outside of those hours, experienced moderators who have used Tesco Diets are available on the forum boards offering expert motivation, support and feedback so you are never alone when you are a member of Tesco Diets.

Staying motivated

Staying motivated is a challenge faced by most dieters and we encourage members to stay on track by reminding them each week to log their weight privately online and giving detailed, personalized feedback based on their progress.

Members are also encouraged to track their water and fruit and veg intake daily encouraging them to take small steps towards make healthy living a seamless past of their lifestyle.

To help members identify where they are struggling and what their dieting demons are we offer an advanced tracking tool which encourages members to track their meals and mood, to identify patterns of behaviour and receive feedback on a weekly basis on changes they can make to give them even better results.

In addition members receive weekly emails with inspiring recipes, daily tips on how to stay on track and access to news, articles and dining out guides to improve knowledge and understanding.

A vibrant community of dieters

For extra expert support and motivation, we have a vibrant and lively community area, with over 45 support boards where members support and motivate each other. Some of the most active forums include age related forums, challenge forums and special occasion forums. Members also post inspiring blogs and create private groups of dieters who they share their journeys with. Many of our members make friends for life here and often arrange to meet up in groups with the people they meet online.

How we help – We make it easy

We are committed to continuously improving our service to help our members reach their goals and we actively collect and react to feedback about how we can do so. We know from listening to our members that convenience is key and that members want to be able to follow a programme with a minimum impact on their lives. We offer the following to all of our members to help them to do so:

  • A handy printable, shopping list for their supermarket of choice for their weekly diet plan to make shopping super easy and to help temptation.
  • Diet plans to suit every lifestyle with options to have lots of exciting, varied recipes or more convenience options such as quick lunches and dinners or a combination of both included.
  • Mobile accessto the diet plan and shopping list with our mobile website
  • Family friendly meal options available so members don't have to cook separate meals for their family and friends.
  • Purse friendly options so dieting doesn't have to feel like an extra expense.

= Results for Life

Our programme is designed to help members lose a healthy 1-2lbs per week depending on their individual goals. By following a personalised plan, increasing activity levels and getting the support, education and motivation they need along the way, they learn the skills and gain the confidence to lose weight and keep it off for life.

Why we help?

The Tesco Diets Mission is, To provide an affordable, effective and sustainable solution to our customers. We know our programme works for thousands of people and has helped them to change their lives for the better and we are committed to helping everyone who needs to achieve the same results for life.

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