For many people the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death. Add to the mix self-consciousness about your weight and a public speaking event will definitely lead to a few sleepless nights. Pauline was determined to give her youngest daughter a 'mother of the bride' speech that she could be really proud of, but Pauline knew she had to lose weight and get her confidence back first.

Pauline tells us about the new lease of life losing 4 stone 4 lbs gave her…

What was you weight loss motivation?

My youngest daughter was getting married and my husband wanted me to do the ‘father of the bride’ speech instead of him. I was mortified at the thought of standing up in front of over 100 people since I was so embarrassed by my size. I couldn’t face going to yet another diet class so researched the online options. I found the variety of diets, support and the price that Tesco Diets offered to be the most attractive.

Was your weight causing you any problems?

I hated clothes shopping. Everything was tight and looked unflattering on me. The only clothes I felt comfortable in were stretchy black trousers with long baggy tops. My self-esteem fell through the floor and the excess weight was affecting my health. I felt out of control, but that’s no longer an issue and I’m looking forward to the summer – no more baggy t-shirts and big jumpers for me.

I have a new lease of life, I felt like a million dollars in my wedding outfit and the speech went really well
Picture of Pauline at the photoshoot

Pauline at the photo shoot

How was your diet before you joined Tesco Diets?

I frequently used to skip breakfast, mistakenly believing that the earlier I ate the more I would eat. My portion sizes were far too big. Chocolate always figured in my day and when feeling a bit down I turned to comfort food.

How did you change your diet in order to lose weight?

Breakfast is a must for me now and usually consists of a healthy cereal or porridge, fruit and natural yoghurt. I treat chocolate as an occasional treat and if I feel a bit low then I get some fresh air.

Has your life changed since losing weight?

I have a new lease of life, I felt like a million dollars in my wedding outfit and the speech went really well. Clothes’s shopping is a real pleasure, although I still take two sizes into the changing room, not believing I can get the smaller sizes. I am proud of myself, I even went out and bought a full-length mirror. I look forward to every day now.

The Tesco Diets plan has changed my life – it’s both easier and better.

Was exercise important to your lifestyle changes?

I always enjoyed exercise, but the bigger I got, the less I wanted to do. I increased my walking, but as the time went on I took up exercise classes and cycled quite a bit. I am very lucky as I live by the sea, so I do lots of walks and instead of using the car I cycle whenever I can.

What does the future hold for you?

We have a walking holiday in Austria booked, something I could only dream of when I was bigger. I always dreaded plane seats, because I was worried about getting the safety belt on, but that is no longer the case.